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Boroughs are less populated than neighboring cities and more developed than the adjacent townships.  Residential communities, apartment buildings and single-family dwellings are common within their borders.


Due to larger parcels of available land, boroughs tend to attract corporations in need of larger space to build their facilities and office buildings than the nearby cities.  Designated business districts are home to many of the private, public and commercial office buildings with restaurants strategically placed to serve those working or visiting the area.  Retail centers, Industrial structures, manufacturing shops and warehousing facilities can also be found inside the borders of many boroughs.


These businesses provide employment, goods and services to the residents and others living in nearby cities and rural areas.  They depend on their local governments to deliver dependable and efficient transportation for their customers and employees.  These companies expect borough officials to maintain the streets and sidewalks in a condition that will provide a safe & inviting atmosphere to live, dine and conduct business. 


Borough officials often struggle with budgets that are stretched to their limits with inadequate funds to properly address all the pavement problems that exist leaving their exposure to liability greater due to the potential hazards created by faulty pavements & sidewalks


Asphalt Consultants can help borough officials manage these problems by streamlining their maintenance protocols with strategies designed to match their available budgets and use fiscally responsible spec designs that correct existing pavement failures.  Our consultants can assistance with budget planning and estimated costs for future projects to sufficiently fund these Capital Reserve, Capital Improvement & Capital Project accounts.    


Expert pavement analysis & management tactics designed to achieve maximum pavement performance will extend the pavements life-cycle, decrease the costs associated with pavement maintenance, reduce the expenses associated with pavement repairs and lower the risk to exposure while presenting a warm and friendly environment for the residents who live there, for the visitors who dine at local restaurants and shop at area retail stores and for the professionals working within your business districts and other office buildings dispersed throughout your borough.

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