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Our List of Services

Our list of services were created to assist maintenance departments, HOA’s, facility managers, property managers,  acquisition teams, commercial real estate, paving contractors, etc.

Asphalt Consultants offer strategies designed to increase pavement performance, reduce liability, extend pavement life & cut costs.  

Acquisition Analysis Report

Expert Pavement Analysis & Valuations Providing Experienced Intel

for Appraisals &  Feasibility Studies.

Avoid the Unexpected!


Acquisition Analysis


Portfolio Management

Synchronized Pavement Strategies Between Multiple Properties.

Cutting Costs With Improved Pavement Performance.

Let Us Show You How!


Portfolio Management

Capital Budget & Reserve Planning

Realistic Projections, Representative of Current Conditions,

A key component to Planning & Funding Your Capital Accounts.

Are Your Accounts Properly Funded?


Capital Budget & Reserve Planning

Property Survey

Analysis Report

Pavement Analysis, Recommendations, Specifications & Estimated Project Costs. 

When You Know What You Have You Can Effectively Plan for the Future.


Property Survey Analysis Report

Pavement Appraisals

Professional Pavement Analysis to Verify Current Pavement Condition Is Essential to Establish A Pavements True Value. 

What’s the Value of Your Pavements?




Drainage Design & Improvements

Properly Sloped Pavements Reduce Liability and Protect Your Pavements from Untimely Failure.

Are Your Pavements properly Sloped?


Drainage Design & Improvements

Pavement Maintenance Plans

 Asphalt Maintenance Strategies Designed to Prevent Premature Failure & Extend the Life-Cycle of Your Pavements.

Do You Have A Maintenance Plan?


Pavement Maintenance Plans

Pavement Management & Improvement Programs

Reducing the Costs Associated with The Maintenance, Repairs and Restorations of Your Pavements.

Do You Have A Management Plan?


Pavement Management & Improvement Programs

Project Management

Project Planning, RFP, Quality Control, Final Inspections, Invoice Review & Recommendations for Contractor Payment. 

Your Interests Are Our Primary Focus.


Project Management

Bid Package Design & Distribution

A Detailed Scope of Work Promotes Competitive Quotes at Reduced Prices by Eliminating Bidder Confusion.

How Detailed Are Your RFP's?


Bid Package Design & Distribution


Observation & Testing

Contractor Oversight to Ensure Quality & Material Testing to Confirm.

Are You Getting What You Paid For?


Contractor Observation & Testing

Expert Witness

& Litigation Services

Unfortunately, Dishonesty Can Occur Within the Asphalt Industry. 

When it Does, You Will Need the Facts to Recoup Your Loses.


Expert Witness & Litigation Services

Training & Presentations

Facility Managers, Community Managers, Property Management Firms, Maintenance Departments & Paving Contractors. 

A Variety of Curriculums to Fit Your Specific Needs.


Training & Presentations

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