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These densely populated areas are home to large corporations and a collection of residents with diverse backgrounds where original customs, traditions and beliefs are practiced and prosper. 


At the core of most cities, Central Business Districts encompass the high-rise buildings and office space to support local, national & international corporations along with plenty of accommodations, entertainment, restaurants and the mass of smaller companies providing supportive products & services.


Visitors flock to these large metropolitan areas to visit their family, connect with their friends and to experience the arts, ethnic foods, fine dining, shop, enjoy the night life, start a new career or strike that business deal.


City officials rely on their residents, businesses and tourism industry to supply, the majority of, their operational funds whereas; their residents, companies & tourists depend on them to maintain their streets and sidewalks in a condition that will provide a safe & inviting atmosphere to live, to conduct business and attract visitors.


A variety of regulations can limit officials as they struggle among budgets that are stretched to their limits with insufficient funds to properly address all the pavement & sidewalk problems that exist. 

Asphalt Consultants has a variety of services that can help cities manage their costs with enhanced “Pavement & Sidewalk Improvement Programs” designed to achieve maximum pavement performance, decrease overall costs, improve drainage and extend the life-cycle of both pavements & sidewalks.


As Experts in Our Field, Our Consultants Can:

1.  Prioritizing Your Pavement, Sidewalk & Drainage Issues According To:

a.  Safety

b.  Severity

c.   Cost to repair or replace.

2.   Lower Your Exposure to The Risk of Liability:

a.  Decreasing your legal responsibility to the tripping, falling & slipping hazards that exist with distressed pavements, failing sidewalks & poor drainage.

3.   Streamline Your Maintenance Plans:

a.  Using consistent techniques with cost-effective strategies.

4.   Improve Your Repair Protocols:

a.  Implementing a fiscally responsible repair specifications & designs to correct existing pavement failures

5.   Enhance Your “Pavement Management Plan”

a.  Providing a clear & concise timeline for maintenance, repairs and replacement.

6.   Amend Your Existing Capital Project & Capital Improvement Plans:

a.  To reflect realistic cost projections based on current & existing conditions.

  • Updated estimates for immediate needs & proposed capital improvements.

  • Adjust funding requirements to existing capital accounts.

  • Monitor, review & update both capital reserve and capital improvement accounts to attain current objectives & goals.




With services designed specifically to aid those who manage pavements, Asphalt Consultants recommends the following services:

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2.    ???

3.    ???

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Experience Counts"

Expert Pavement Analysis, Maintenance Strategies & Repair Protocols

Designed to Achieve Maximum Pavement Performance,

Decrease Overall Costs & Extend the Life-Cycle of Your Pavements”

Our Consultants possess a skill set & professionalism in a specialized field where this level of expertise remains difficult to find until now.

“Without Experienced Guidance & Expertise,

The Cost to Maintain, Repair & Replace Will Be Much Greater.”

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