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Factors Affecting

Life-Cycle Performance

The Environment should play a major role in the decisions that go into the design of new pavements. 

Climates where dry conditions prevail with intense heat will affect the performance of your pavements in different ways compared to climates with extreme temperature ranges and constant freeze - thaw cycles. 

Contributing Factor #1


In Addition to the environment, the decisions made when designing new pavements can alter performance and limit useable service life. 

Designers must take into consideration the type of facility along with the expected traffic load and the pressures these vehicles will exert on the pavements. 

Other Factors to consider in the design are the contours of the pavements and the percentage of the slopes that direct storm water to designated inlets or drainage outlets. 

Other Design criteria should include the strategic placement curbs where the control of storm water is needed to protect the pavements edge from washouts and undermining along with the guidance of vehicles and the protection of pedestrians.

Contributing Factor #2

Pavement Design

Pavements are only as strong as the underlying materials that support them.  The decisions made on the type of materials to use along with contractor selection and project management will play a major role to your pavements performance and costs.  


Maximum Pavement Performance can be reduced depending on the condition of the soils, moisture content and the ability to properly compact them.  The subgrade needs to be stable and graded to the contours that match the surface above to provide appropriate drainage and at an elevation that won't compromise the combined depth of materials. 


Aggregate Base must be placed at the designed depth, graded to match desired slopes and compacted. 


Asphalt Pavements should be placed within favorable conditions using the designated paving materials at the specified depths and elevations.  Contractor should implement proven placement techniques and compaction procedures needed to achieve proper densities.

Contributing Factor #3

Construction Techniques

Pavement Performance will be improved or diminished according to the decisions made involving:

  • The maintenance procedures used combined with the timing they are initiated.

  • Repair specifications, materials and techniques.

  • Surface treatment types, materials & timing.

  • Pavement overlays

  • Quality of hired contractors

  • The experience of the personnel providing advice, guidance and project oversight.

Contributing Factor #4

Maintenance & Pavement Management 

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