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The total territory included within the borders of most townships is much greater than their neighboring cities and boroughs.  Numerous townships include smaller towns and villages scattered throughout the area along with single family dwellings, multi family apartment buildings and residential communities that provide the housing for those living within the area.  Many types of businesses are rooted within these municipal areas including small businesses, large corporations, medical facility’s, restaurants, strip malls, regional malls, manufacturing, industrial, agriculture and forestry.  And that is just a sampling of what you will find.


One of the primary responsibilities bestowed upon the local governing officials is the safety and the condition of the local roads, streets & sidewalks.


These rural areas can possess roadways exceeding thousands of miles.   Local officials try to balance both resident and industry needs as they struggle with limited budgets and inadequate funds to properly address all the pavement problems that exist.


Asphalt Consultants can help these municipalities manage their problems by streamlining their maintenance protocols with strategies designed to match their available budgets and use fiscally responsible spec designs that correct existing pavement failures.  Our consultants can assistance with budgets planning and estimated costs for future projects to sufficiently fund their Capital Reserve & Capital Project accounts.    


Expert pavement analysis & management tactics designed to achieve maximum pavement performance will extend the pavements life-cycle, decrease the costs associated with pavement maintenance, reduce the expenses associated with pavement repairs and lower the risk to exposure while presenting a warm and friendly environment for the residents who live within their borders, for the visitors who dine at local restaurants and shop at area retail stores along with the professionals conducting business inside your township.

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