Life-Cycle of Pavements

Pavements Life-Cycle

Life-Cycle of Pavements - Like most things in existence, pavements have a limited period of useable life starting from the time when the new pavements were placed to a time where all pavement maintenance and rehabilitation options have been exhausted with no serviceable life remaining.  

Eventually all pavements begin showing signs of distress and fail. 


Life-Cycle Performance

The Ability for a pavement to reach its maximum serviceable life based on the design.  A pavements performance is influenced by the decisions that are made on the factors that contribute to the premature failure or the prolonged life of your pavements.  


Life-Cycle Costs

The Combined Expenses needed to maintain your pavements during its life-cycle or useable service life.  The longer your pavements survive, the greater the performance and reduction to your Life-Cycle Costs however; an early breakdown of your pavements can cost thousands in additional repairs and put a heavy drain on your capital reserve accounts with a potential impact to your capital improvements funds.


Contributing Factors

Contributing Factors to a pavements service life and ability to achieve maximum performance for the duration of its Life-Cycle begins with the environment, original pavement design and construction techniques followed by the decisions made for maintenance and pavement management.